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Bed Boots® Photos are available for Advertising and Editorial Purposes.

Authorized Use Only. All Photos are Copyright protected and available for use only by permission.

Contact Julie White advertising use or Steve Dubin for editorial use.The following 72 dpi images can be pulled directly off this page and used for website applications.

Click here for High Res Photo Download Information.

Bed Boot Colors
Image of the 4 Bed Boot colors: Mahogany, Cognac, Cottage White and Rubbed Black.

Bed Boot Banner
Banner Image

Bed Boot in bedroom
Cognac Bed Boot® Shown in Room with Matching Decor

Bed Boot highlighted
Same photo as above, but with foreground Bed Boot highlighted.

cognac bed boot close up
Close up of high-lighted cognac Bed Boot.

Mahogany Bed Boot on Bed
Mahogany Bed Boot in Bed Room Setting.

HIGH RES PHOTOS: All of the above photos are available in high res versions. All High Res photos are 300 dpi CMYK TIFF files that have been converted to RGB JPG files for faster downloading. They have been compressed with maximum quality so they can be safely reconverted back to CMYK TIFF files suitable for printing. All photos above are in a single ZIP file which can be downloaded by clicking below:DOWNLOAD HIGH RES BED BOOT PHOTOS NOW (1.5 MB)If you require larger versions of the photos on file, please contact Dominic White.

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